~Jesse, Los Angeles, Dec 30, 2019~ 


I had a session with Ree and Anthony and it felt magical. They are so amazing at what they're doing and Ree opens herself up to work on an amazing plane where wonderful things happened to me. I didn't know what would be happening before. I just followed my heart and jumped in and it was one of the best things I've ever done. Thank You For Being so Amazing and Focused at helping people.

They opened up and freed me in a beautiful way


Also I wanna add. They didn't rush and the session was over once everything was complete. I'm very thankful for the Love


~Laney, Los Angeles, Nov 29, 2019~ 

A sense of play and ease from the start. A glorious unfolding of time and space. An instance where we can see who we really are and bask in that power.



~Laurie, Los Angeles, Sept 01, 2019~ 

I so appreciate the time spent with Ree and Anthony. The observations and insights were thoughtful and spot on. The energy of the session was so high that I felt at peace and open to all shared and from that, I was able to hear and make connections and shifts that I believe will guide me in a more joy-filled direction.


We all have this false belief that change, letting go, new ways of seeing our world, etc etc takes hard work but as I was so wonderfully reminded in this session, really it's just a decision to let that story go and open up to grace.


~Michelle, New York, June 06, 2019~ 


Having a reading with Ree and Anthony provided important and spot-on insights and wisdom for the life transitions I’ve been experiencing.


However, a part that I wasn’t expecting was an overall feeling of healing that rippled into many areas of my life.


They also gave me information and practices to employ that have improved my clarity, overall peace and quality of life. 

Warmest Regards,

~Anna, Los Angeles, Dec 02, 2018~ 


The session was very meaningful to me for a few reasons. First, Ree gave me validation for some things I was feeling and thinking but wasn't quite sure about.


Also, the idea about being happy makes sense and only doing what I want. I have felt things shifting and feel lighter.


I also had a breakthrough about how to be more of a force for change by approaching people in a kinder, gentler way... that can only be done from a place of bliss.


I feel this is only the beginning.


Thank you both again for this powerful reading. It meant a lot to me.

In Love,